Gravity Rules

LOGLINE: When an LA detective assigned to an Indian reservation is abducted, he must form an alliance with other aliens, lead an uprising or become fodder in the vastness of space.

 SYNOPSISA Los Angeles detective accidentally shoots a rich kid in a dark alley and is punished by exile to a police exchange program on a Native American reservation. He is there ONE day, one single day, when chasing a Native across the top of a Mesa they are both abducted.

They awake in a container ship with hundreds of other aliens captured from other planets. They have to learn to believe in each other, and establish a common cause. This strange new band of brothers bond together to fight for the control of the ship only to realize that the fight for their survival has just begun.

They are part of long established system of gathering from an advanced species that raid other worlds across the vastness to space to sustain themselves. The abductees are in a system that is advanced beyond their understanding, they struggle to adapt to the technology, each other, and the terror of not knowing their location in space or time. They are absolutely lost somewhere out there in one of the millions of galaxies, light years away from whatever existence they knew.

These abductees were ordinary people, are now facing a new reality. Each moment out here could be their last. An extraordinary battle on the Gatherer’s mothership brings greater surprises, greater dangers, and the ultimate responsibility. The Gatherers have for millions of years taken DNA strands from any species and added them to their own to extend their survival. The captured and the advanced learn that all life is valuable in the sparse vast reaches of dust, gas and incalculable distances.

The new group will evolve, but to what? To survive they must choose; become like their captors or forge a new uncertain existence.

WGA Registration Number: 1800627; EXPIRATION DATE: 8/31/2020

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  1. caribsea - September 1, 2015 5:49 pm

    I like your plot twists; the abduction is sudden, without warning and the love interest is the strangest surprise. Perhaps you should have revealed that only in the last 5 minutes. Maybe show more science than explain it.


  2. fotoeffex - November 6, 2015 5:38 am

    Hey Carib,
    I had a rewrite since. Removed the exposition. Changed the dialogue with the Viceroy to (show not say) a series of scenes. This is the critical plot point where Turner knows he can’t win.
    Took the dialogue about gravity out and showed the effects. Thanks for the critique by email.

  3. Peter R - September 17, 2017 12:12 am

    I have done three major rewrites of this screenplay. The reviews keep getting better. It may just be ready.

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