Gravity Rules

LOGLINE: An LA finance guru promised more than he can deliver and now dangerous people want results. He suddenly switches bodies with a simple Mongolian herder. Who will survive in each other’s world?

SYNOPSIS: Miles Overman is in financial trouble; in desperation he has borrowed money from an international criminal syndicate to fund the next big technology breakthrough.

His life is suddenly thrown in turmoil when he awakes the following morning in the body of a Mongolian herder, Cholon. Their lives have been switched for 24 hours. Which one will adapt? The arrogant self-absorbed investor or the simple man from the steppes?

Miles awakes as Cholon to horses and camels and sheep and a life at a pace that moves with nature and people of strong values, in a place he never expected to find love. Cholon awakes as Miles to life in a 17th floor condo in Los Angeles . But the company is broke, the employees on the verge of quitting, and mob investors are closing in. He must save himself, and lead employees whose livelihood are in his hands.   He has no expectations, but many lives depend on his decisions. Can he deal with the responsibility before he finds a way home?

Can Miles learn values in a land of survival? Can Cholon the simple horse herder survive in a harsh city with criminals on his trail? Who will learn life lessons?

EPISODE 2 Preview: Miles returns to Mongolia as himself trying to win a woman who does not know he exists. Cholon begins to like the adventure of switching.

Another pair of complete stranger’s lives are switched in another part of the world. Is there a connection?

WGA West Registratry Number: 1763712

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  1. Hector Griffin - November 6, 2015 5:16 am

    That is a very different plot. I like the switch to Mongolia. It is fresh and new. Dzaya is a really strong female character. But should there be more interaction between Miles and Khongi? They don’t seem to spend enough time together to get the sparks going. I really like Cholon’s speech.
    How about a chase scene is LA with the cars? Too much?

    • fotoeffex - November 6, 2015 5:33 am

      Hector, I could not have Miles and Khongi having any sexual tension. He is in the body of her brother. That would be a weird. Miles can show it, but not say it.
      Episode 2 (in development) he goes back to Bulgan as himself. Now he has to turn on the charm on a woman who has no idea who he is.
      Hope that helps.

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