Gravity Rules

Logline: A  ghost girl must keep her blood researcher boyfriend alive so that he can bring her back from the dead before cops solve her cold case and angry demons destroy them both.

Synopsis: For 15 years Joel has kept his love Christine alive by giving her his blood. Joel met Christine one magical night when he was 18 and dumped by his first love. His wish for a good girlfriend drew the recently dead Christine out her grave. They have been devoted lovers since.

Now Joel is a blood researcher. He is desperately close to an artificial blood breakthrough; he is dedicated to keeping a real life Christine. Joel is attacked and robbed one night. His attackers are shredded into tapas sized pieces and left on the street.

Joel has two problems. He gets older but Christine does not age, she appears as she did when she died 15 years ago. Christine’s love for Joel keeps her in the “un dead” zone, she refuses to pass over and leave Joel. To stay among the demons and the undead she had to become the most feared thing; she is the Queen of the Undead. She is not the sweet young woman that Joel sees.

People who get in Joel’s way die. As the bodies pile up, two detectives close in on the couple. To prepare Joel for the afterlife Christine has been taking Joel over the river of death and back for some time. Joel thinks they are dreams. The Demons below grow angry and decide to end this unsanctioned union.

Can love withstand attacks from the living and the dead? Joel and Christine are a formidable pair on both sides of life. This couple has one purpose, to stay together; the quick and the dead will suffer when they get in the way.

WGA West Registration Number: 1824506  EXPIRATION DATE: 2/10/2021


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