Gravity Rules

LOGLINE: A musician in 1955 Vegas disappears for 40 years and returns unchanged but in command of space and time. He is an ordinary man chosen for an extraordinary mission.

SYNOPSIS: Leon Johnson is a trumpet player in the segregated Moulin Rouge Casino in 1955 Las Vegas. In 1955 Vegas, he is the perfect cover as “runner” for the mob. He transports large amount of money skimmed from the Vegas casinos across the state lines.

Late at night on a desert road, he disappears in a flash of light while on the biggest “run” of the year. He returns in what he thinks is an instant but is actually 40 years later. He is man now out of touch, but not out of time.

He is chased by the Mob, anxious to let forty year old secrets of another era die. Leon knows too much, enough to send old gangsters and retired police commissioners to prison. He is also chased by the Government who detected the radiation signatures in the flash of light. Doubly chased and on the run, he discovers his ability to “jump” bending space and time into the future.

He discovers the true nature of the “new” Leon when he senses another like him on the planet and meets her. She is an alien, the current LifeMaker, and he was chosen to replace her. LifeMakers travel the galaxy ensuring that the survival of developing species, and preventing the annihilation of others. He may live several million years doing this.

It is his journey from being a trumpet player to the awesome reality of being the Protector of the galaxy that that forces an ordinary man to accept an extra-ordinary mission.


Copyright Pau 3-403-198
WGA Registration Number : 1345844

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  1. caribsea - September 1, 2015 5:52 pm

    You have non-traditional leading characters. Movie makers may not like that.
    Vegas , boom , science fiction, boom. Unexpected. Intriguing stuff.


  2. fotoeffex - November 6, 2015 5:42 am

    Yes, I have been told that I need the ” Hero ” type. Well my weakness is that I like people to rise above themselves and change. I just am reluctant to do the steel jaw hero where he has no flaws and bullets bounce off him.

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