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peter-3990I write science fiction screenplays. Yes sci-fi;  aliens, abductions, time travel, galaxies, universe, starships, all that wonderful stuff, but no anal probing!  I spent many many years fiddling around making computer systems work better. Yep, I was one of those analysts; the only people more boring than dentists. Interview you for a month, deliver a computer system; charge you a zillion dollars and demand you pay for maintenance.    I was fairly successful at it, but it was as exciting as watching Crocozilla vs Godzilla’s Stepson #4. Not good for the soul.

So some time ago (shhhh , it was 10  years ago)  and with one week with nothing to do I took a film class from the irrepressible infectious Dov Simens; followed that up with a writing class from the great Syd Field. It was like the old cliche(Oliver), “Damn, I have been wanting to do this , I am willing to do this, I have been waiting to do this. ”  So this year I took the leap, retired and dedicated myself to writing great sci-fi.  Not the ordinary Mellow Monster from Planet X sci-fi, not the take a western and transplant it on a waste moon sci-fi, but the good stuff, the $450 dollar a bottle 20 year old single malt sci-fi.

But “surprise surprise” as Goober would say, I underestimated how much actual science I would have to research to write something that would have not have De Grasse Tyson throwing rocks at me. The doing is always harder than the imagining.

Do I have a style? I use fantasy to put ordinary people in extra-ordinary situations. They must evolve to adapt, they must grow to survive. I do not write about heroes, I write about people who have to become heroes.

Act One of my screenplays available here to read online; the complete screenplays are available for download if you register.  Come on ten seconds of your life to register. Are you that busy?  Are you the Keeper of the Galaxy? Ten seconds, so I can keep tabs. I won’t call you or show up at midnight with a script in my hand and no clothing demanding that you read my magnificent full length features.  I also list my screenplays  on inktip.com

I still live in the Pacific Northwest, I know you movie people will say “you  should to move to LA.” But it rains here, I HAVE WATER, I can take long hot showers. Take that you unwashed crusty butts Angelinos.

arsenal-150x108Oh and by the way, I am the greatest Arsenal Football fanatic in the Western Hemisphere. Always classy, never ever a blue plastic.

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